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Upper Midwest Gardening

Posted by on March 27, 2012

Want to plant a garden but not sure which plants will survive and prosper in our North Dakota climate?  The National Gardening Association has a great map showing the different zones and information about each zone.  Even though our winters can be pretty harsh, many beautiful blooming plants thrive in this region.  Perennials like Asters, Larkspur, and Daylilies are just a few choices. 

 If you’re not sure what to buy, consult with the staff at various garden departments in some of your favorite stores and garden centers.  They will help you pick the best plants that will work in your yard.  Make sure you tell staff what part of the yard you want to place your plants (north, south, east, west sides of your house/yard) because the amount of sunlight the area you want to plant gets will help determine which plants will work best where. 

 Click here to get an idea of what sort plants work best in our region.

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