Last meeting of the NNN unless YOU say otherwise!!

NNN Neighbors,

The Near North Neighborhood Association was formed five years ago.  Working in conjunction with the Mayor’s Urban Neighborhood Initiative (MUNI), the NNN accomplished many goals and has a lot to be proud of:  helping save Wilder Elementary, sidewalk and park improvements, movie nights in the park and fall festivals, safety and crime watch efforts.  Through the NNN Association,  we have been able to expand our sense of community and create a unique identity within the greater Grand Forks area.

Would you like to continue pursuing projects and events in the NNN?  If so, please attend the next meeting.  The NNNA is struggling due to lack of meeting attendance  and lack of input from neighbors.   Unless disputed, NNNA activities will be suspended indefinitely following the meeting on Tuesday, December 11 Wednesday, December 12, 6:30 pm at the YMCA.

If you are interested in the NNN and are willing to take on a leadership role in developing future projects and events, please join us at the December 11 meeting.  If you are unable to attend or have any questions or comments, please contact Eliot Glassheim at, 701-330-2685.

Thank you and have a great day!

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November Meeting

It is time again for a NNN Meeting!  

Tuesday November 13th, 6:30pm at Urban Stampede, downtown

What we’ll be talking about:
– Bocce Ball & Horse Shoe pits – 7th Ave entrance to the greenway 
– Smiley Park Sign
– Americorps Vista position
– Resource List
– Flower garden clean up by the Calvary Lutheran Church
ANYTHING ELSE you would like to talk about!!!
We’re trying to work on fun and exciting things for the Near North, but we need your help! 

Please join the conversation and the action!  See you Tuesday!

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Smiley Park Sign

The Smiley Park sign is in need of attention!  It has been vandalized and the NNNA is currently working on getting it fixed. 


 We’d like to stress that if you see any vandalism to the sign or in the neighborhood, please report it to the Police (787-8000).  You can remain anonymous if you’d wish!  

To see more photos of the damaged sign, please go here

More updates about the progress of re-painting the sign will be coming soon!

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Changes to the website!

Notice the difference?  Stay tuned and keep checking back as new updates will be coming!!

We’re up to some fun and exciting things!  More info to come!

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April Meeting Minutes

  • NNN Accomplishments
    1.  A power point presentation was put together and shown by Katie Brockpahler, highlighting the many accomplishments that have been done in the neighborhood.
  • Changing Staff
    1.  The NNN Vista who worked for UND’s Center for Community Engagement has resigned, the Center is going to provide an intern to work with the neighborhood until a new Vista is hired.
    2. Katie Brockpahler will be leaving the Office of Urban Development.  Her intern, Andrea Laraway will continue to work with the neighborhood until the end of the school year.
  • Future of the NNN – Resources
    1.  As Staff look towards shifting focus from the NNN to the Near Southside, it is important that staff leaves the neighbors with access to any resources they may need in the future.   Katie and Andrea will put together a list of resources for neighbors.  The list will have contact info for various city departments and resources including who to contact in case of garbage, animal control, rental problems.
    2. A binder will be put together by staff that has all previous association minutes and agendas in it.  This will be given to Karen Dahl to hold on to so the association can reference previous minutes and discussions.
  • Guidelines
    1. Future meeting dates are still under discussion as to whether the association will continue to meet monthly, bimonthly, semi-annually, etc.  However it was decided that a meeting next month (May 8th) is necessary to help plan for upcoming events.
  • Areas of Focus
    1.  It was decided that the Association will want to focus on the upcoming Garage Sale (May 19th), as well as plan for a charrette in June.  The Association would also like to pursue hosting another Movie Night similar to the ones done last fall.
  • Communication activities
    1. Sarah McKenzie and Lani Glover will be taking over Facebook, twitter, and blog activities.
    2.  Karen Dahl will be in charge of the binder for next meeting.
  •  Garage Sale – May 19th
    1. NNNA will be putting together a map showing all the different garage  sales going on in the neighborhood that day.  If you are planning on having a garage sale, let Andrea (, 792-2867) know by May 11th.


The next Near North Neighborhood Association meeting will be

May 8th at 6:30pm at the YMCA. 

Please join us in helping to make our neighborhood great!!

Won’t you be my neighbor?!?


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